Question: How competitive are Finance My Motor Car compared to getting a loan from my bank?

Answer: We work directly in partnership with High Street Lenders such as Barclay's and Santander so we can offer you the best rates subject to your circumstances.

Question: I have been quoted for HP by a local car dealer and the rate seems a little high. Can you offer me a better deal?

Answer: We have a large selection of lenders to propose you to with some really competitive rates that your local dealer may not have access to. The rates you are offered will depend on your particular circumstances. One of our experienced advisor's will be able to help talk you through the process once we receive your application.

Question: I have had some problems with loan payments in the past and I am worried that I won't be able to get credit to buy a car. Can Finance My Motor Car help?

Answer: We have helped many people who have a poor credit history. The first step towards getting that help is for you to fill out an application online today so we can work with you to secure the finance you need.

Question: How can I be sure that you are offering me the best deal?

Answer: We will always try to place you with the lowest rate lenders first. That way you will have the chance to secure the best rate dependant on your circumstances.

Question: I already have a car on finance that I need to upgrade as we are expecting an addition to the family. I will need finance for my new purchase, can you help me?

Answer: Yes we can. You will need to use your existing car as a part exchange so that the money you get from it can go towards settling the outstanding finance. Once you have applied to us for finance we will contact you to discuss the figures so that the finance can be arranged to pay for your new car and you can get on the road with all of the family.

Question: I have been refused finance can you help me as I need a car to get to work?

Answer: Yes we specialise in helping people get finance that have been declined elsewhere. We have a number of lenders who can provide car credit for people like you who are struggling to get approved. Please apply online and we will be in touch to see if we can help you.

Question: I am living with my parents and have not had much credit in the past other than a mobile phone contract. Can you help me to get finance for a car?

Answer: We can help you even if you are young and have not had credit before. Sometimes lenders will ask for a parent, another family member or friend who have a longer credit history to go on the credit agreement with you. Fill in the application online and one of our advisor's will contact you to get things sorted.

Question: How much can I borrow and what will the monthly payments be?

Answer:How much you can borrow will depend on your personal circumstances. It is important that you can afford to keep up the payments on any loan that you take out. Check your monthly income and outgoings to decide what you can afford each month. Then go to the Apply now page on our website to use the finance calculator to work out what your monthly payments could, be depending on your credit status. Once you have applied online we will call you to discuss your application and arrange a quotation from one of our lenders.

Question: My wife and I want to purchase a motor home. We have a deposit and need help with finance for the balance. Can you help us find the finance for a motor home?

Answer: Yes we can. Just fill in the Application on our website and we will be in touch to discuss the details with you.

Question: I have had very bad credit, what is the likely hood I be accepted for finance? I've tried other finance companies and they all refused.

Answer:We can offer finance to customers with poor credit, if you fill in the application form on our website I will be able to start the process for you.